Who Centerprise is…

Centerprise is a focused Revenue Cycle Management services company providing service to Federally Qualified Health Centers primarily located Ohio. We are located in Loveland, Ohio northeast of Cincinnati.

Centerprise provides a full line of services for our Community Health Center clients. These include:

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Full Revenue Cycle (claims) Management
  • Decision Support
  • Payer Credentialing
  • Revenue Cycle Management performance reporting, including Key Performance Indicators
  • Assessment of coding and documentation

What makes Centerprise different?

Revenue Cycle Management services specific to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

Healthcare billing is complex, FQHC billing is even more complex. Don’t believe it when large, commercial healthcare billing companies say they can handle FQHC billing. They can’t. They leave enormous amounts of potential reimbursement opportunities on the table because they simply can’t and don’t focus on what it important and specific to FQHCs. They aren’t built to do that. Getting everything that’s available to FQHCs takes time, effort, detailed structuring of claims, sometimes contract modification – all things that Centerprise knows and does. Centerprise has worked with both large and small Ohio FQHCs. It’s no overstatement to say Centerprise knows the billing secrets large commercial billing companies don’t. If you’re an FQHC and want to receive all the reimbursement you are entitled to – call us. We will roll our sleeves up and get to work with you. We aren’t saying it will be easy. Nothing worthwhile is. What we are saying is we will put in the time and effort with you if you’re ready to get to work.

Deep dive examples where we’ve helped clients: PPS reimbursement, Medicare supplementary wrap arrangements, cleanup of old receivable balances, optimizing coding and streamlining work processes/policies to meet HRSA requirements.

Health Center Consulting

  • Short Term CEO Assignments
  • CEO Search Consulting
  • Mock Operational Site Visits
  • Board Education and Relations
  • Strategic Planning

Request a Consultation

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